A dedicated wedding planner and mom!

When asked to write the first ever wedding related blog post for DAHG I was completely nervous! Who would want to hear what I had to say? I'm just a working mother of 2. My Friday nights are typically spent sitting on couch with my laptop open answering emails after my kids have gone to bed. Granted I plan weddings for a living and work crazy hours but writing a blog is more nerve racking than setting up an empty field for a 200 person sit down wedding.

What do I know about blogs? Nothing other than I follow two mothers blogs and see that somehow they manage to dress stylishly, stop at starbucks daily, and cook awesome meals. There's my first two downfalls- there's no starbucks in my town and I can't cook. No really, I can't cook! Just ask anyone who I've ever had over for dinner...it's an utter disaster. Yes, I can create awesome sounding menus, I can serve a mean plate, and I can work around food all day but cooking is not my fortay. You're talking to the girl who asked 'what do you mean, when it comes to a boil'. Everyone got a good laugh.

While part of my job requires me to be in the kitchen, I just make sure everything tastes and looks perfect. That's downfall. I'm a self admitted perfectionist. I except every single event, menu item, proposal to be perfect! And even when everyone else says it was, I find something else wrong with it. I'm an organized freak about having things labeled. The more labels the better. Some try to make me go digital- don't take away my paper, tape, and sharpies. It's amazing what they can do! A to do list that is completely crossed out before I go to bed is my idea of a successful day!

Talk about a day- I wake up, start laundry, make breakfast (yes, I know how to pour cereal into a bowl and add milk- that's my kind of cooking!), get kids ready, get myself ready, stop at Dunkin (though I'll never admit I'm addicted to caffeine), head to work, work, come home, play mommy, do some more laundry, put kids to bed, and then do some more work.

Well there you have it, my first blog post about me. The wedding planner who can't cook, is a perfectionist in the true definition of the word, and a mom to two wonderful kids!

Now off to research what people really want to hear about- food, weddings, ideas, trends!

Bye for now!


#weddings #meghan

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