DAHG: Why We Love to Cater

Why do we love to cater? Well food is a necessity for most events to be awesome right? It’s an art. It’s fun. It’s colorful. The work that goes into planning is fast paced, hard work and always keeps you on your toes. There is one defining factor here at DAHG that makes us the team that we are, our LOVE for food.

How the food looks, how it smells, and especially how it tastes! Our passion for executing all the finite details shines through from the beginning stages of the menu, to day of coordination, to the final presentation of the food The chefs are not the only part of that equation either. Our experienced Event Staff loves to be creative and more importantly, we love to excite you! Anyone can make food, but not everyone can make food that everyone is still talking about months later!

We might be tooting our own horns here but don’t worry we aren’t letting it go to our heads, we’re just reading your reviews! We are always working towards challenging each other, the industry standards and especially working towards impressing you. We strive for excellence. If we don’t achieve it, we analyze why and we make it better. Mediocre food, and service is not what we do. We’re perfectionists aiming to please and we get a thrill when your event is everything you wanted.

Besides our dedication to you and our food, we are pretty dedicated to each other as well. (It’s not really a joke anymore that we see each other more than our real families.) We are a walking exercise in trust. When the ‘heats’ on in the kitchen there isn’t time to second guess each other. We just do it. There is never a shortage of good times, hard work, thinking on our feet and what we affectionately and collectively coined as ‘#cateringadventures.’ Come join us on our next adventure and discover for yourself why we love to cater.

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