DAHG- Meet the Family

Executive Chef Keith Chizinski

In March 2008 when David Alan was founded, he started with grassroots. Everyone that worked for the catering company was either family, or friends of family. And then it grew…you should see our family tree! Everyone is connected by someone who knew someone who was friends with and or related too, which in essence makes us all family. And that is how we operate. Our family is almost 200 strong that has grown from day one.

Those of course are made up of mostly seasonal staff who come and go and make up the bulk of the family during peak season. But then we have the team that makes up the core of DAHG. We’re the faces at every event, the muscle and the backbone working every day for the benefit of our clients. We are the main “Team”.

First up…

Our head ‘dishwasher’, aka owner David. Having worked in the industry since basically he could work and growing into an entrepreneur extraordinaire, he created DAHG with the mindset of keeping hospitality alive. David has held every role possible in the world of food and hospitality so it makes sense his devotion to the quality of our food and the expertise behind our hospitality mentality. David’s positive attitude has led him to drive a team of people who are hardworking, enthusiastic and driven. Known in the office as ‘Dad’, part disciplinarian and part goof-ball, he plays the role well.

Up to bat next is…

Meghan. There isn’t anything this woman can’t do. Capable of being a wife, mother and a super event coordinator, Meghan runs circles around all of us. She is the original EC at DAHG and with a photographic memory there also isn’t anything she forgets. Pretty good perk for someone who juggles many details daily! One smart cookie, Meghan also holds a Masters in Speech Therapy. Warmly known as ‘Mom’, she makes sure we are all taken care of both mentally and physically and keeps us hydrated with weekly deliveries of Starbucks.

Meet the Sisters…

Taylor and Rachael, unless you’re in the ‘fam’ then you might call them “Tay Tay” and “Rachie”.

Taylor started working for David Alan back in 2011 and saw the writing on the wall when she started stepping into more leadership roles while working Front of House at events. Taylor is known as the “Zen one” or the ‘Hippie girl.’ She brings the good juju and the essential oils to the office and to every event. Holding degrees in Business and Theatre, Taylor brings both creativity and professionalism (and positivity!) to each event she coordinates and the clients she works with.

Rachael came from the world of hospitality to DAHG from a former catering company in the state and with her she brought culinary skills and event management expertise. Knowing both the front of the house and back of the house well, Rachael is interchangeable and has a keen eye for perfection. Rachael is bursting with energy and aims for gold with every event she takes on. She has a big heart and if you’re not happy, she isn’t happy either.

No family would be complete if there weren’t siblings who had a love hate relationship either so…meet our Chefs.

Keith is the glue. This guy runs the kitchen as the Executive Chef and has been here from early on in the company. A pretty quiet guy, (or so he wants you to think), he always has a joke or a smart comment that keeps us all laughing. Keith is the team member that everyone goes to for everything, why? Because he has such a good handle on all the ins and outs of this company. He has a really great ability to keep cool under pressure. Affectionately known as “Keithypoo”, “Lovebug” and “Chef”, Keith gets the job done no matter the circumstances. A true team player, Keith’s vision for food and his ability to have fun while experimenting with new recipes gives DAHG a flair that no other kitchen has.

And speaking of flair, our Sous Chef Karina has a personality that is charismatic, sassy and she is always ready to rock. Quite literally actually. When she’s in the kitchen there is always a party going on. Her upbeat personality and fun loving spirit is a great addition to the team. Always ready with a smile she gets the job done. This chick is a super mom too and her nickname is “Mamacita”. Her love for food is expressed in exuberant recipes that make the taste buds explode. You know when you’re in “Mama’s” kitchen.

Keith and Karina make a great team and at any given time they can be found fighting like an old married couple about well, anything. They are equally talented as they are amusing to listen to while they work.

And every family has that one family member everyone loves the most (of course we aren’t admitting that right now either…). Well that’s Ethan. Joining the team four seasons ago, starting as Utility, Ethan showed his ability to learn fast and move up the ranks very quickly. Hard working, dedicated, smart and an overall really great guy, Ethan always gives 110% to whatever task he takes on. Speed is always been Ethan’s strength. It may be the amount of Coca-Cola this guy drinks…but hey who’s counting? Our ‘pack out’ prodigy, there is no event that this kid can’t pack. He makes Tetris look easy.

Now what family would be complete without an aunt and uncle?

Robin, or as we like to tease her, “Auntie Ra Ra” knows the industry like the back of her hand. Seasoned in Event Coordination, Robin is an asset to the DAHG team because she knows the in’s and out’s that come with this business. Able to take on almost any personality (or accent) when it comes to clients, Robin is able to handle every event and detail with precision and accuracy. Also an excellent bartender, get her behind the bar and you’re likely to see the humorous and sarcastic side to Robin that makes her the perfect hostess to any event.

Uncle Joe, joined us last season and is part of the culinary team overseeing all of our Onsite Corporate Restaurants. Joe has brought a lot of humor to the gang as there is nothing that isn’t turned into a joke, or a sarcastic bit. Joe is the only team member that joined the “fam” that didn’t come from a recommendation from another “family” member. For a while, we teased him that his wife and children didn’t actually exist because we had no one to vouch for him. (We met them eventually, they do exist!) Joe brings a unique aspect to the team from both a chef’s perspective and a managerial business perspective.

And naturally every family has the baby of the family. That’s Jordan. Our youngest team member, Jordan is Utility, and in typical little brother fashion has a comment or a joke about everything. He’s pretty green to the catering scene, but Jordan has a heart of gold and always wants to make sure he’s being as helpful as possible. Always with a smile, he is eager to please and get the job done.

Our newest team member is our Pastry Chef, Blair. Bringing in skills that are as sweet as she is, Blair has already stepped right into the family and claimed her place. A Johnson and Wales graduate and having already worked in the industry for a large banquet hall, Blair has upped the ante here at DAHG. She is ready and willing to do what it takes to get the job done as a team player and probably make us all gain a few pounds with her sweet treats as well in the process.

Photo Credit: Brian Ambrose Photography


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