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Corporate Dining

Our commitment to running a successful hospitality operation comes from our relentless pursuit of perfection!


When it comes to selecting your Corporate Dining food service partner, there is just one choice- David Alan Hospitality Group. We strive to create a food experience that increases your value in the eyes of your clients and employees. We serve only the highest quality products and are continually re-evaluating ourselves and our service, by asking how we can make our services better.


Who we are is about what we do....


- Our Chefs cook food from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients 


- We Make socially responsible purchasing decisions 


- We Serve great tasting, authentic, and nutritious food that exceeds the expectations of our guests every time!


- We Provide opportunities for all our employees to develop their potential and abilities 


- We Recognize that every client we serve is unique and create tailored food programs for each one 


- We Serve a wide variety of menu items at each meal each day keeping things fresh, fun, and interesting – you won’t find a cycle menu at any of our restaurants


- We View our operations as onsite restaurants- never resting on the idea of a "captive audience" 


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with....


- Easy to read sound financial reporting

- Continuous staff training

- Full service catering programs

- Professionally uniformed service staff

- Team-Based Management Philosophy

- An ownership approach at each cafe

- Rigorous sanitation programs



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